1 Dear friend, pay close attention to this, my wisdom; listen very closely to the way I see it. 2 Then you'll acquire a taste for good sense; what I tell you will keep you out of trouble. 3 The lips of a seductive woman are oh so sweet, her soft words are oh so smooth. 4 But it won't be long before she's gravel in your mouth, a pain in your gut, a wound in your heart. 5 She's dancing down the primrose path to Death; she's headed straight for Hell and taking you with her. 6 She hasn't a clue about Real Life, about who she is or where she's going. 7 So, my friend, listen closely; don't treat my words casually. 8 Keep your distance from such a woman; absolutely stay out of her neighborhood. 9 You don't want to squander your wonderful life, to waste your precious life among the hardhearted. 10 Why should you allow strangers to take advantage of you? Why be exploited by those who care nothing for you? 11 You don't want to end your life full of regrets, nothing but sin and bones, 12 Saying, "Oh, why didn't I do what they told me? Why did I reject a disciplined life? 13 Why didn't I listen to my mentors, or take my teachers seriously? 14 My life is ruined! I haven't one blessed thing to show for my life!" Never Take Love for Granted 15 Do you know the saying, "Drink from your own rain barrel, draw water from your own spring-fed well"? 16 It's true. Otherwise, you may one day come home and find your barrel empty and your well polluted. 17 Your spring water is for you and you only, not to be passed around among strangers. 18 Bless your fresh-flowing fountain! Enjoy the wife you married as a young man! 19 Lovely as an angel, beautiful as a rose - don't ever quit taking delight in her body. Never take her love for granted! 20 Why would you trade enduring intimacies for cheap thrills with a whore? for dalliance with a promiscuous stranger? 21 Mark well that God doesn't miss a move you make; he's aware of every step you take. 22 The shadow of your sin will overtake you; you'll find yourself stumbling all over yourself in the dark. 23 Death is the reward of an undisciplined life; your foolish decisions trap you in a dead end.

“The Daily Bread” provides the truths you need to live the abundant life that God desires for you. The Book of Proverbs provides truths and exhortations to live such a life. There are 31 chapters in the Book of Proverbs. Reading one chapter every day will give you wisdom to help you through the trials of life and teach you how to live a wonderful, joy-filled life.

In 1 Kings 3, God asked King Solomon what he would like to have above all else. Solomon did not ask for money or power but for wisdom. God was so pleased with his answer that He gave Solomon wisdom, wealth, and power. Archeologists and other experts claim that King Solomon was the richest man to ever live, even to this day. The Book of Proverbs is a collection of the wisdom and knowledge from King Solomon and other wise men. Although the majority of the Proverbs were written in the tenth century B.C. (during the time of Israel's unified kingdom), most of the truths they behold are still relevant today.

I personally have been reading a chapter in Proverbs every day since 2007, and each day there is something that relates to my life and personal walk with Jesus. The goal of this site is to share the Good News of Jesus and to share the Word of God. I look back at my life and realize how radically different my earlier years would have been had I known the truths in the Bible, especially the Proverbs. I hope and pray that God will bless you as you read “The Daily Bread.”

Peter Martin